Herald Of Darkness

The ship touched down, settling with a creak of durasteel landing gear. The ramp hissed open, revealing a man clad in black robes. A silver cylinder hung from his belt.
“So, you’re my new apprentices…a sorry lot of whining, snot-nosed kids. My Shadow Hand is Darth Umbral. He will oversee your day-to-day instruction. This ship is the
Raven Avenger. Well, hurry up!” the man snapped.
The children of different species glanced at each other, then climbed aboard…

Several years passed, with the newly ascendant Sith Empire at the head of the galaxy. Darth Krayt ruled with an iron fist, suffering no fool to live. As his most trusted lieutenant, Darth Ignus trains a new generation of Sith Lords, the first and foremost of whom is the Chiss, Darth Umbral.
In turn, Umbral begins training the two newcomers, as well as leading the young scion of Family Altyr astray. When the noble’s family learns of his betrayal, they are quick to condemn him. Only with the help of the Sith will he be able to escape alive, and with his reputation and connections intact.

Herald of Darkness